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Poker Strategies

The key to poker success is to know some effective strategies. So here are a few of the more important ones to help improve your game.

  1. Controlling your emotions - It’s important that you quit if you lose control of your emotions. This can easily happen if you are playing at a table with a higher skill level than you are used to. When a player is no longer able to play well because their emotions cloud their poker judgement, it’s called going ‘on tilt’. If you become tired, frustrated or mad, take a break because you won’t be playing at your best.
  2. Learning to read your opponents – Learn to identify the different body language tells of your opponents so that you can judge whether they are holding a strong hand or are bluffing. Once you have mastered how to read the non-verbal actions of other players, you will have the advantage of knowing how to proceed with your hand.
  3. Playing your position – Each position at the table has their advantages and disadvantages which you should know and play according to where you sitting. The late position is the best position to claim a decent sized pot even with a terrible hand because you can act after you have seen everyone else’s reaction to their hand. This is naturally the best position from which to bluff. When you are in early position, you have to decide your next move based on the strength of your hand alone. Its best to play conservatively from early position.

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Poker Strategies

The key to poker success is to know some effective strategies. So here are a...

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